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Smart street light

lampsfactory | 10 Oktobar, 2018 03:34

Smart street light: not only under the smart streetlights, but also free WiFi.

Maybe in the future, the street lights are not necessarily learning, and free WiFi is also available. Recently, Changsha Longping Hi-Tech Park Xiongtian Road has installed a number of street lights, which not only save energy, but also monitor environmental data, charge electric cars, provide free wifi, and even play songs. At present, the Longping High-Tech Park has installed 159 such street lamps, which will be used on 12 municipal roads such as Changxing Road and Longyuan Road.

However, in appearance, these street lights are not much different from ordinary street lights. Milky white pole, 12 meters tall, "station" on the roadside is not eye-catching. But if you open your phone and search for WiFi, you will find the wireless LAN name of "Xiong Road Smart". "Xiongtian Road" is the name of the road where the street lamp is located, and "Wisdom Common" is the scientific name of these street lamps. After connecting to WiFi, you can access the Internet with simple authentication. The street lamp is operated by Huagong Zhongyun Hunan Branch. The company's deputy general manager Zhang Wei introduced that the light pole is the center of the circle and the WiFi can be connected within a radius of 150 meters. “From the road to the end of the road, WiFi will not fall. line".

In addition, the street lights are also equipped with audio. “We usually leave work when we get off work,” Zhang said. The emergency on the road can also be quickly reported. After downloading a specific APP, the public can quickly find the surrounding free parking space according to the guidelines, and can also charge the electric vehicle through the socket on the lamppost. Zhang Wei introduced that in April, the environmental monitoring function of the street lamp will be connected to the environmental monitoring system. “The environmental sensor installed on the street lamp will summarize the collected data into the database”.

In addition to these functions, as a street light, it can also perform "fancy" lighting. "The street light is automatically controlled. The brightness can be adjusted according to the natural light. At dusk, the sky is getting darker and the street light is getting brighter and brighter." Qunguang introduced that the street light can also be controlled remotely.


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